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Shanghai center has two glass facade, one inside and outside, the main body is the inner triangle. Imaginally speaking, one pipe is covered with another pipe. The space between the glass facades is between 3 and 33 feet (90 to 10 meters), providing space for the air lobby and acting as an insulating layer similar to a hot water bottle, reducing the heating and cooling requirements of the whole building.
Expensive clothes must be made of fine jewelry, and the Shanghai center also needs a wonderful hotel to shine with. As for choosing which hotel brand to enter the Shanghai center, it is also widely circulated in the bookstore that the J Hotel. is the most high-end brand of China's Jinjiang group.
J Hotel Shanghai Tower occupies the 84-110 floor of the Shanghai center. The front desk for check-in is located on the 101 floor with excellent urban location. If you are familiar with the major hotels in Beijing, you must have fresh memories of the lobby scenery of Baiyue Hotel in Yintai Center, Beijing. With the J Hotel Shanghai Tower, you will have a panoramic view of the whole Shanghai when you check in.
Understandably, one of the important reasons for choosing J Hotel is that it is a state-owned brand that can host guests from all over the world as a Chinese hotel brand in China's tallest building. J Hotel Shanghai Tower center has 258 luxury (Suite) rooms, 3 restaurants and a world-class spa. At the same time, the hotel will also have six "air lobbies". When the fog rises, the dream of traveling in the sky at J Hotel becomes a reality in some way.

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